Cellular Expansion

Hey again Pineapple Hosting is planning on expanding into the cellular network field. Bringing you well. Pineapple Cellular or Pineapple Mobile whichever sounds better. Anyhow, well we are gathering some rough information we wanted to ask you guys if any of you would be interested in joining our low cost cellular plan. \ As of right now it ...

911 Not available for Residential Systems

911 is not available for Residential lines by default. 

If you need 911 service to your residential line please contact support.

911 service will be charged on your account as extra per the FCC 911 fee, plus any additional costs that come with 911.

Thank you,

-Pineapple Hosting. 

Holiday Support Hours

Christmas Eve - 10am MST to 6pm MST

Christmas - CLOSED (only support tickets)

New Years Eve - 10am MST to 5pm MST

New Years Day - Regular Hours

Thank you for your understanding,

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!

Pineapple Inc Store

Interested in any of our company wear?

Feel free to head over to https://store.pineapplehosting.net

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you and your needs.

Pineapple Hosting CLOSED for thanksgiving

Hello everyone,

Pineapple Hosting support is closed for thanksgiving today, if an emergency comes up with your site, open a support ticket for immediate help. 

Thanks everyone and happy thanksgiving! 

Pineapple Hosting has new webservers

Hello everyone!

Pineapple Hosting has gotten rid of our old outdated servers and have moved to our new Pineapple Gen 2 systems! These are 5x faster than the original servers! If you have any issue with these servers do not hesitate to contact our support by visiting your client panel and opening a ticket or calling us at +1 (845) 470-0181

New website design!

After 3 hard hours of work on the new site! It is finally out! We hope you enjoy it! As always there may be issues, if you find one please contact support by Phone, Live Chat, or Ticket! Thanks everyone for your support of Pineapple Hosting!

VPS Hosting!

Our VPS Hosting is back up! Go check it out in our store page.

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